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Haiti Five Years On: An Fòm!

January 12th - 21st, 2015

Vancouver, BC

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The exhibition featured stunning photographs taken five years after the earthquake in Haiti by renowned photographer Johan Hallberg-Campbell and demonstrates how, through the power of humanity, communities continue to work together to rebuild a strong, healthier and more resilient society.  The exhibit illustrated a better understanding of what has been done and to engage British Columbians in humanitarian issues. The Haiti earthquake has resulted in the largest single-country humanitarian response in Red Cross history. Vancouver is one of four markets across Canada where the exhibition is taking place.

An Fòm! is a Haitian Creole expression meaning ‘doing alright.’



  • Multi day art exhibit

  • Profile Red Cross’ impact

  • Media Launch



  • Live Anthem singer

  • Haitian cultural food

  • Haitian cultural beverages

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